The Bevis Frond - Triptych


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פורמט: 2LP
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A1 Into The Cryptic Mist
A2 Debbie’s New Song For Drums
A3 Lights Are Changing
A4 Gemini Machine
A5 Phil Exorcises The Dæmons
A6 Old Man Blank
A7 The Daily Round
A8 Hurt Goes On
B1 Corinthian
B2 Nowhere Fast
B3 Tangerine Infringement Beak
B4 Hey Joe
C1 Time To Change
C2 You’re Trying To Get Me High Again
C3 Still Couldn’t See Her
C4 The Pilgrim’s Way
C5 Through And Through
C6 You Got To Unwind
D1 High Wind In The Trees
D2 99th Very Last Time
D3 I Love You For Your Mind
D4 Five Years Wide
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