Joni Mitchell - The Reprise Albums (1968-1971)


המלאי אזל

המלאי אזל

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פורמט: CD, Box Set
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Song To A Seagull (New Mix)
I Came To The City
1-1 I Had A King
1-2 Michael From Mountains
1-3 Night In The City
1-4 Marcie
1-5 Nathan La Franeer
Out Of The City And Down To The Seaside
1-6 Sisotowbell Lane
1-7 The Dawntreader
1-8 The Pirate Of Penance
1-9 Song To A Seagull
1-10 Cactus Tree
2-1 Tin Angel
2-2 Chelsea Morning
2-3 I Don’t Know Where I Stand
2-4 That Song About The Midway
2-5 Roses Blue
2-6 The Gallery
2-7 I Think I Understand
2-8 Songs To Aging Children Come
2-9 The Fiddle And The Drum
2-10 Both Sides, Now
Ladies Of The Canyon
3-1 Morning Morgantown
3-2 For Free
3-3 Conversation
3-4 Ladies Of The Canyon
3-5 Willy
3-6 The Arrangement
3-7 Rainy Night House
3-8 The Priest
3-9 Blue Boy
3-10 Big Yellow Taxi
3-11 Woodstock
3-12 The Circle Game
4-1 All I Want
4-2 My Old Man
4-3 Little Green
4-4 Carey
4-5 Blue
4-6 California
4-7 This Flight Tonight
4-8 River
4-9 A Case Of You
4-10 The Last Time I Saw Richard

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