War - Greatest Hits 2.0


שם האמן:
תאריך הוצאה:
פורמט: 2LP
מק"ט: אין מידע קטגוריות: ,


A1 Spill The Wine 4:05
A2 Tobacco Road 3:59
A3 All Day Music 4:08
A4 Get Down 4:29
A5 Slippin’ Into Darkness 3:47
B1 The World Is A Ghetto 4:04
B2 The Cisco Kid 3:48
B3 Gypsy Man 5:24
B4 Me And Baby Brother 3:25
B5 Why Can’t We Be Friends? 3:50
C1 Low Rider 3:09
C2 So 5:00
C3 Don’t Let No One Get Down 4:01
C4 Smile Happy 4:24
C5 Summer 4:03
D1 L.A. Sunshine 4:02
D2 Galaxy 5:18
D3 Cinco De Mayo 4:09
D4 You Got The Power 4:03
D5 Outlaw 4:00
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