Various - Velvet Goldmine - Music From The Original Motion Picture


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תאריך הוצאה:
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פורמט: 2LP
מק"ט: אין מידע קטגוריות: ,


A1 Needle In The Camel’s Eye 3:09
A2 Hot One 3:04
A3 20th Century Boy 3:42
A4 2HB 5:39
A5 T.V. Eye 5:24
B1 Ballad Of Maxwell Demon 4:47
B2 The Whole Shebang 4:11
B3 Ladytron 4:26
B4 We Are The Boyz 3:13
B5 Virginia Plain 3:00
C1 Personality Crisis 3:49
C2 Satellite Of Love 3:41
C3 Diamond Meadows 2:00
C4 Bitter’s End 2:13
C5 Baby’s On Fire 3:19
D1 Bitter-Sweet 4:55
D2 Velvet Spacetime 4:10
D3 Tumbling Down 3:28
D4 Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) 3:59
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