Various - Fuzz, Flaykes, & Shakes Vol. 1: 60 Miles High


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פורמט: Vinyl
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A1 The Glass Sun– I Can See The Light
A2 The Shags– Breathe In My Ear
A3 Band Of Wynand*– Day-time, Nite-time
A4 The Odyssey (2)– Little Boy, Little Girl
A5 Time Of Your Life (2)– Ode To A Bad Dream
A6 The Thyme– Somehow
A7 The Countdown 5– Speculation
A8 The Midnight Snack– Mister Time
A9 The Society (3)– High And Mighty
B1 The Search (3)– Climate
B2 The Rites (2)– Things
B3 The Gregorians (2)– Dialated Eyes
B4 The Palace Guard– Greed
B5 The Soul Inc.*–

60 Miles High

B6 The Magic Mushrooms– Let The Rain Be Me
B7 Bedpost Oracle– The Break Of Dawn
B8 The Stained Glass*– A Scene In Between
B9 The Humane Society– Eternal Prison

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