The Seeds - The Seeds


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A1 Can’t Seem To Make You Mine 2:56
A2 No Escape 2:08
A3 Lose Your Mind 2:11
A4 Evil Hoodoo 5:00
A5 Girl I Want You 2:15
A6 Pushin’ Too Hard 3:03
B1 Try To Understand 2:45
B2 Nobody Spoil My Fun 3:50
B3 It’s A Hard Life 2:38
B4 You Can’t Be Trusted 2:05
B5 Excuse, Excuse 2:20
B6 Fallin’ In Love 2:47
C1 Out Of The Question (Version 1) 2:23
C2 Excuse, Excuse (EP Mix) 2:18
C3 Dreaming of Your Love (Version 1) 2:18
C4 Pushin’ Too Hard (Take 1) 3:07
C5 The Other Place (Take 2) 2:48
C6 It’s A Hard Life (Take 3) 2:31
D1 You Can’t Be Trusted (Take 3) 2:09
D5 Evil Hoodoo (Unedited Take And Intercut Section) 16:02
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