The Legendary Pink Dots - Island Of Jewels


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פורמט: Vinyl
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A1 Tower 6
A2 The Red And The Black
A3 The Dairy
A4 Emblem Parade
A5 Jewel On An Island
A6 Rattlesnake Arena
B1 The Shock Of Contact
B2 Jewel In The Crown
B3 Our Lady In Chambers
B4 Our Lady In Kharki
B5 Our Lady In Darkness
B6 The Guardians Of Eden
C1 Curious Guy
C2 Premonition 16
D1 Love On A Pale Green Postage Stamp
D2 Our Lady By Twilight
D3 No Bell No Prize (Version Ridiculous)
D4 Premonition 12
D5 The Black And The Red
D6 This Could Be The End (Alternative)


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