The Bevis Frond - The Auntie Winnie Album


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תאריך הוצאה:
פורמט: 2LP
מק"ט: אין מידע קטגוריות: , ,


A1 Malvolio’s Dream Journey To Pikes 7:05
A2 Foreign Laugh 3:23
A3 Down Again 4:00
A4 Will To Lose 4:10
A5 Repressor 3:38
A6 Winter’s Blues 2:28
B1 The Miz-Maze 5:30
B2 Close 4:43
B3 Without Mind 5:45
B4 City Of The Sun 10:30
C1 Traction 4:36
C2 Long Day 3:52
C3 Twice Torn, Once Forgotten 5:17
C4 Spa Hotel 8:40
D1 Visions Through Dilated Eyes 3:28
D2 African Violet 4:14
D3 Hillview 7:13
D4 Automatic Bomb Virgins 3:31
D5 Possession 2:58
Bonus1 Death Trip (download only)
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