Ornette Coleman - Genesis Of Genius: The Contemporary Albums


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פורמט: 2LP
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Something Else!!!!: The Music of Ornette Coleman
A1 Invisible 4:11
A2 The Blessing 4:42
A3 Jayne 7:16
A4 Chippie 5:36
B1 The Disguise 2:47
B2 Angel Voice 4:18
B3 Alpha 4:10
B4 When Will The Blues Leave? 4:57
B5 The Sphinx 4:14
Tomorrow is the Question!: The New Music of Ornette Coleman
C1 Tomorrow Is The Question! 3:08
C2 Tears Inside 4:59
C3 Mind And Time 3:07
C4 Compassion 4:34
C5 Giggin’ 3:17
C6 Rejoicing 3:59
D1 Lorraine 5:54
D2 Turnaround 7:52
D3 Endless 5:15
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