Metallica - S&M


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תאריך הוצאה:
פורמט: Vinyl
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A1 The Ecstasy Of Gold 2:30
A2 The Call Of Ktulu 9:34
A3 Master Of Puppets 8:54
B1 Of Wolf And Man 4:18
B2 The Thing That Should Not Be 7:26
B3 Fuel 4:35
B4 The Memory Remains 4:42
C1 No Leaf Clover 5:43
C2 Hero Of The Day 4:44
C3 Devil’s Dance 5:26
C4 Bleeding Me 9:01
D1 Nothing Else Matters 6:47
D2 Until It Sleeps 4:29
D3 For Whom The Bell Tolls 4:52
D4 – Human 4:19
E1 Wherever I May Roam 7:01
E2 The Outlaw Torn 9:58
E3 Sad But True 5:46
F1 One 7:53
F2 Enter Sandman 7:39
F3 Battery 7:24
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