Lou Reed - Live At Alice Tully Hall (January 27, 1973 - 2nd Show)


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פורמט: 2LP
מק"ט: אין מידע קטגוריות: ,


A1 White Light/White Heat 3:53
A2 Wagon Wheel 4:23
A3 I’m Waiting For The Man 8:10
A4 Walk And Talk It 4:01
A5 Sweet Jane 5:13
B1 New Age 5:54
B2 Vicious 3:34
B3 I Can’t Stand It 4:02
B4 Satellite Of Love 3:55
C1 Heroin 9:24
C2 I’m So Free 3:53
C3 Walk On The Wild Side 6:46
D1 Rock And Roll 7:35
D2 Sister Ray 10:58
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