Jay-Jays - Jay-Jays


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מק"ט: N/A
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A1 Come Back If You Dare 2:24
A2 Don’t Sell The Sun 2:28
A3 So Mystifying 2:52
A4 Cruncher 3:18
A5 A Distant Place 1:56
A6 Bald Headed Woman 2:35
A7 Are You A Woman 2:33
A8 ‘Cause You’re Mine, Babe 3:14
B1 I Got Love If You Want It 3:00
B2 Today I’m Gay 2:36
B3 All Around The World 2:31
B4 Shake It Some More 3:02
B5 The Name Of You 2:26
B6 I Keep Tryin’ 2:02
B7 Waauw! 2:30
B8 Are You A Woman (Demo) 2:38


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