Foreigner - 40


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תאריך הוצאה:
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פורמט: Vinyl
מק"ט: אין מידע קטגוריות: ,


A1 Feels Like The First Time 3:35
A2 Cold As Ice 3:21
A3 Hot Blooded 4:21
A4 Double Vision 3:30
A5 Dirty White Boy 3:12
A6 Head Games 3:41
B1 Urgent 4:31
B2 Juke Box Hero 4:04
B3 Luanne 3:26
B4 Waiting For A Girl Like You 4:35
B5 I Want To Know What Love Is 5:04
B6 That Was Yesterday 3:49
C1 Heart Turns To Stone 4:32
C2 Can’t Wait 4:27
C3 Soul Doctor 4:51
C4 Rain 4:34
C5 Starrider (Live) 6:51
D1 When It Comes To Love 3:48
D2 Can’t Slow Down 3:34
D3 Too Late 3:44
D4 Say You Will (Acoustic) 3:28
D5 I Don’T Want To Live Without You 3:36
D6 The Flames Still Burns 4:49
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