10cc - The Things We Do For Love: The Ultimate Hits and Beyond


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פורמט: 2LP
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A1 Rubber Bullets 5:15
A2 Donna 2:55
A3 The Dean & I 3:04
A4 The Wall Street Shuffle 3:26
A5 Silly Love 4:00
A6 Life Is A Minestrone 4:38
A7 Natural Wonder 2:55
B1 I’m Not In Love 6:04
B2 Art For Art’s Sake 5:57
B3 I’m Mandy Fly Me 5:19
B4 The Things We Do For Love 3:21
B5 Good Morning Judge 2:54
B6 Dreadlock Holiday 4:27
C1 Under My Thumb 3:43
C2 Wedding Bells 3:26
C3 Cry 3:58
C4 For Your Love 2:38
C5 Heart Full Of Soul 2:54
C6 Bus Stop 3:04
C7 Look Through Any Window 2:35
C8 No Milk Today 3:14
C9 Pamela Pamela 2:11
D1 Donna (Live) 3:04
D2 The Wall Street Shuffle (Live) 4:07
D3 I’m Not In Love (Live) 6:08
D4 I’m Mandy Fly Me (Live) 5:26
D5 The Things We Do For Love (Live) 3:38
D6 Dreadlock Holiday (Live) 4:41
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